A New Me

Come to our latest all-day conference at the XCentre on Tuesday March 21st. We will be focussing on an holistic approach to recovery and showcasing a range of therapies which can help in brain injury rehabilitation. There is a full programme and plenty of breaks with refreshments and networking opportunity.       Pictures from […]

Where’s Brian? Win prizes in our summer competition!

This summer, rather than jetting off to foreign climes, Brian the Brain has decided to enjoy a “staycation” here in beautiful Devon. And, what’s more, he’s decided to turn it into a competition for all of his fans and followers! For the next six weeks of the summer holidays, we’ll be posting a picture of […]

Brian’s Brain Facts

As brains are Brian’s particular area of expertise, we thought he’d like to use this area of his site to share some of his knowledge. Brain’s interesting brain facts: Your brain controls EVERYTHING that you do – every single breath, wink or jump goes through the brain first The average brain weighs about 3lbs, or […]

Brian 101

To help you get to know Brian a bit better, we’ve asked him a couple of quick fire questions to see what floats his boat! Here we go … Name: “Brian” Role: “Mascot for Headway Devon, the local brain injury charity” Hobbies: “There are too many to mention! I’m a very versatile brain, you know?! […]

Our mascot, Brian the Brain

Hello everyone, Brian here, just thought I would introduce myself to you as Headway Devon’s mascot! My name is Brian and, as you may have already noticed, I am a brain. The work that Headway Devon do to support people with brain injuries is very close to my heart, so I was flattered to be […]

Introducing our new mascot: Brian the Brain!

We are delighted to introduce you to Brian the brain, the newest addition to the Headway Devon team! Brain injury can be a difficult topic to discuss. Our brains are very complex and it can be quite uncomfortable to think about the strange and mysterious organ inside our skulls that is somehow responsible for everything […]

Happy New Year from Headway Devon

We’d like to start 2012 by wishing all of our friends and supporters a very happy new year. 2012 looks set to be an important year for Headway Devon, and we’ve got big plans to improve the support available to local people with brain injuries. Our main aim for 2012 is to raise awareness about […]