Express & Echo – special report for Action for Brain Injury Week

Exeter’s Express and Echo published a special report about Headway Devon on Thursday 10th May 2012. Here is what reporter Fran McElhone had to say:

Ahead of Action for Brain Injury Week, from May 14 to 20, reporter Fran McElhone paid a visit to brain injury charity Headway Devon’s day centre in the city to meet survivors

There are two sides to Headway Devon’s day centre in the heart of the city – what you can see, and what you can’t.

That it is a haven for people who share a common identity, a place for them to mingle, laugh and chat in a relaxed, supportive and friendly environment, is evident as soon as you walk in.

But there is more to the 14-year old charity, which also has day centres in Exmouth and Honiton, than meets the eye.

For the smiles on the faces of the people who use the centre only hint at the support they are receiving, which goes far beyond the colouring pencils, games and cups of tea and coffee.

Headway steps in when people who have suffered a brain injury, whether through illness or head trauma, are back in their own homes after hositalisation and rehabilitation. Through a variety of measures staff and volunteers provide crucial support helping people who have had their lives turned upside down on their ongoing journey of recovery…


To see the story in full, as it appeared in the Express & Echo, please click on the picture or follow this link: 2012.05.10 Express & Echo – Fran McElhone Headway special report