Mustard, custard and baked beans – Ruth’s “yucky bath” for Headway Devon!

Today’s recipe: Ingredients: Blancmange, creamed rice, baked beans, tinned tomatoes, milk, pickled red cabbage, mustard, custard, mushy peas, flour, cream of chicken soup, grapefruit segments, and half a cup of tea.

Method: Take all ingredients, mix together in a bath and then get in.

An odd mix of ingredients, one might think, but this is a recipe for fundraising, and, on Saturday 9th June, Ruth Fishleigh bravely filled her bathtub with this unpleasant mixture to raise money for Headway Devon.

Ruth decided to raise money for Headway because the charity is close to the heart of her friend and fellow challenge organiser, Clair Saunders. Eight years ago, Clair suffered a bleed on the brain through an AVM (arteriovenous malformation), for which she is still receiving treatment. This experience means that the pair understand just how quickly brain injury can happen and the powerful impact it can have on a person’s life.

When asked about her yucky bath, Ruth commented, “I’d rather go through the challenge of sitting in this bath for two hours than spend a whole lifetime coping with the challenges caused by brain injury.”

Ruth’s bath lasted for two hours, and during this time she spurred on by the generous donations and messages of support that she received through twitter, Facebook and JustGiving.

At the time of writing Ruth’s challenge has raised an impressive £207 for local people with brain injuries, but there is still time to sponsor her. If you would like to add your support you can visit Ruth’s JustGiving page by following this link:

Ruth’s challenge was organised through the brand new Barking Box Company and took place at the company’s official launch party. Barking Box offers a range of wacky challenge packs to help people live life to the full and gain new experiences. As well as a whole range of themed packs, like Challenges for Chocoholics etc., they have come up with a Challenge Pack specifically designed to raise money for charity.

Each Charity Pack contains 21 challenges for teams designed specifically to help them raise money.  The packs cost £20 and £10 of every pack goes to the companies three designated charities, Headway Devon being one.  To find out more about Barking Box Challenges visit or join them on Facebook at The Barking Box Company and buy the packs online.