Introducing our new mascot: Brian the Brain!

We are delighted to introduce you to Brian the brain, the newest addition to the Headway Devon team!

Brain injury can be a difficult topic to discuss. Our brains are very complex and it can be quite uncomfortable to think about the strange and mysterious organ inside our skulls that is somehow responsible for everything that we do.

These difficulties are compounded by the fact that much of the language relating to our brains and brain injury is rooted in science and medicine, which can be difficult for most of us to penetrate.

This is why we are introducing Brian the brain. Brian will be able to talk about our brains and brain injury in a more accessible and comfortable way. As well as attending our fundraising events, Brian will be helping out at training talks and assemblies, and will have his own page on our website where he can share interesting facts and snippets about the brain.

We hope that, by lending us his voice, Brian will help us to raise awareness about the vital role that our brains play and the importance of keeping them safe, as well as improving understanding of brain injury and the long-term difficulties that it can cause for survivors.

Brian has already got off to a great start and attended his first cake sale on Friday 3rd August, which was kindly organised by Wilkinson Grant estate agents in Exeter. We hope that you will visit this website regualrly to see what Brian’s been getting up to and we look forward to keeping you up-to-date.