Honiton Councillor spends time with local charity

2012.02.22 Sharon Pavey visits HonitonHeadway Devon’s centre in Honiton was delighted to host a visit from Honiton Town Councillor Sharon Pavey on Friday 22nd February.

Sharon, who arranged the visit over twitter, said “I first heard of Headway after a family member had a stroke last year and Headway supported their recovery. I then chatted with Headway fundraiser Holly and asked if I could pop by one day for a visit. As a councillor representing Honiton Town Council, I do think it is very important to find out more about charities like Headway that work with local people who really need their support.”

As well as providing a range of activities to support people with brain injuries to relearn lost skills and meet new people, Sharon was also interested to hear that the centre undertakes work with the local Youth Offending Team and commented, “It was particularly interesting to hear about the restorative justice programme Headway run for young offenders. The offenders come to Headway to talk to people who are dealing with the long term issues associated with being assaulted and receiving a head injury.”

Headway fundraiser Holly Keatings said, “we are very grateful to Sharon for coming along today and helping us to raise awareness about brain injury and the support that is available for people locally. Unfortunately there is very little public understanding about brain injury and the long-term effects that it can have, which means many people with brain injuries struggle with their difficulties for months or even years before getting in touch with Headway Devon. We hope that, thanks to Sharon’s help, we can look forward to reaching even more of the people who need our support.”