Smartening up thanks to Irwin Mitchell

Thanks to a generous donation from Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, Headway Devon are now able to offer clients, learners and conference guests improved facilities with a state-of-the-art Smart board and sound system.

The new resources, which have been installed in the conference room at the charity’s headquarters – the XCentre in Exeter – have brought Headway Devon’s training facilities up to date.

The board is not only available for Headway Devon clients to use to undertake a range of enjoyable and rehabilitative activities, it is also available for our in-house brain injury training, and to the many organisations and businesses who hire the XCentre facilities for their conferences and events.

Headway Devon’s Learning and Development Manager, Paul Bird, says, “We are very grateful to Irwin Mitchell for funding this fantastic new Smart board. This has added an extra dimension to the rehabilitation and learning opportunities that we are able to offer and has enabled us to maintain the XCentre’s status as a first-class training and conference centre.

“The interactive interface means that groups are able to engage more effectively in training sessions, while the improved sound system means that those wishing to use video and sound to support their training courses are able to do so easily and with more accessibility for learners with hearing impairments. We also hope that there will be environmental benefits as groups will be able to use the Smart board to record their notes instead of flipchart paper.

“As a specialist provider of brain injury services across Devon and Torbay, we are committed to providing the best quality learning experience possible, both for our clients and staff. We are very grateful to Irwin Mitchell for recognising the importance of this and for supporting us in this generous way.”