Looking for work? Headway Devon is recruiting

Are you a caring and compassionate person? If the answer is YES and you are looking for work, look no further.

Headway Devon is recruiting for a variety of positions in locations across Devon.

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Our latest recruit, Fundraising Manager and part-time Community Support Worker, Victoria Johnson, shared a little of her experience of joining Headway Devon.

I was looking for meaningful work. We spend so much of our waking day at work, I was looking for something that would feel worthwhile and enable me to make a genuine contribution. I wanted a job where I would wake up in the morning and actually look forward to going in to the office.

In October 2018 I started out on a temporary maternity cover position as the charity’s Fundraising Manager. Coming from a corporate background in marketing and fundraising, this felt within my comfort zone. The team at Headway Devon gave me a warm welcome and I felt at home straight away.

Four months later, I look forward to going in to work and am proud to say that I work for Headway Devon. It’s amazing to be surrounded by people with so much experience and expertise around acquired brain injury. Their passion and dedication is inspiring. Watching the interaction between the team and clients is so touching. People go to great lengths to help solve personal problems and empower acquired brain injury survivors. There are magic moments each and every day!

Only a month into my contract I realised that I wanted to also work on the front-line and develop skills as an enabler. It was scary because I’d only done office jobs before. I was worried that I wouldn’t be good enough, that I might not have enough patience or confidence to be of genuine use to the clients we support.

However, when I spoke to the Community Support Services Manager, she gave me the encouragement I needed to put myself forward for the role.

After several weeks of shadowing and social care training, I undertook my first solo outreach visit with a client. I’ve had lots to learn, and feel like that will be an ongoing process over years rather than months, but I absolutely love working as a Community Support Worker.

Acquired brain injury can happen to anyone at any point in their life and from any background. There are no two injuries that are the same and no two people who are the same. It means that Headway Devon’s work is fascinating and always different.

I feel so engaged. Doing this work gives me perspective and I look forward to sessions with my regular clients. Hopefully not sounding too cliched, it really is special helping people regain and maintain their independence. We’re not really care workers, we’re enablers; and that means working creatively to make a genuine difference.