Our mascot, Brian the Brain

Brian in the Headway libraryHello everyone, Brian here, just thought I would introduce myself to you as Headway Devon’s mascot!

My name is Brian and, as you may have already noticed, I am a brain.

The work that Headway Devon do to support people with brain injuries is very close to my heart, so I was flattered to be asked to be their mascot. I imagine my personal experience was the main reason they chose me, although I’d like to think that my good looks and intelligence had their part to play too.

I’m very proud to be a brain. I might be biased but, as far as I can see, brains are the most important organ in the human body – we control everything in the body including how you see, hear, feel and think.

I always find it strange to think that such a clever and important organ is actually very fragile. A human brain isn’t as strong as me, the one inside your skull is only the texture of a jelly. It’s wobbly and delicate and can be easily damaged, torn and bruised.

When a brain is injured the damage often isn’t visible, hidden away inside the skull, so it can be difficult to recognise brain injury and ensure that people get the help and support that they need.

As Headway Devon’s mascot, I help Headway to raise awareness about brain injury and share my knowledge and enthusiasm for brains with you. I attend Headway fundraising and training events regularly as well as posting interesting brain facts on this website and Headway’s twitter and Facebook pages.

I do hope you’ll check the website regularly to see what I’ve been getting up to. For now I’d better go and polish my specs for my publicity photos, even us brains want to look our best!

Bye for now,